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Green Technology
Marglen Industries maintains a constant focus on the environment and modern recycling technology. We have our own bottle washing and grinding facility, where we use environmentally safe chemicals and processes to clean our bottles and wash the labels off, and a laser-assisted sorter to help categorize the bottles by color. We have two PET fiber extrusion lines that run 24/7 producing high-quality fiber that is baled and shipped out worldwide. We also have a third extrusion line that uses brand new Erema extrusion equipment to allow us the produce LNO food-grade resin from our recycled bottle flake that is shipped to all different industries, such as food and pharmaceutical packaging industries.
Harnessing the Sun

From the Marglen Industries solar installation press release:

Marglen Industries has recently commissioned a 95.2 kilowatt solar energy photovoltaic (PV) energy system. The system was installed on the rooftop of Marglen Industries plastic bottle recycling plant in Rome, Georgia. The plant produces a post consumer recycled PET resin that is used in the manufacturing of sustainable food-grade packaging The plant also produces a polyester fiber that is used in the manufacturing of sustainable flooring and other textile products.  Marglen has emerged as a renewable energy visionary with their latest solar installation, but has been a leader in sustainability for decades.

You can download and read the rest of the press release here.

Green History

Interested in how Marglen Industries became the green leader they are today? Read about us here.

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