Marglen Industries, Green Since 1971
A Green History

Located just south of Rome,Georgia, Marglen Industries was originally started as a carpet manufacturer in 1971. At a time where carpet manufacturing became a large industry in North Georgia, most carpet companies focused on cost and efficiency, looking only to profit in the rising market. Marglen however looked toward the future, not only of technology, but the of our planet. As early as 1981, Marglen Industries began to produce carpet using post-consumer recycled PET fiber, purchased from local business and suppliers. By 1991, Marglen Industries had a fully operational bottle washing and grinding facility, and produced recycled fiber in house using post-consumer, curbside pickup bottles.

By 2002, Marglen Industries had completely shifted operations away from carpet production, focusing on environmentally-friendly recycling efforts. The addition of another extrusion line allowed Marglen to begin producing 90 million pounds of PET fiber a year, using only post-consumer recycled bottles. At this point in time, Marglen Industries was already recognized as an international leader in recycled PET fiber production, shipping products across the globe. As one of the only two companies in the world to produce their products entirely from post-consumer recycled bottles, it was clear that Marglen had made a name for itself as a green entity.

As a company with a focus on a bright future, Marglen continues even now to stay on the cutting edge of recycling technology. In 2008, the addition of a new extrusion system allowed Marglen Industries to enter into a new market, producing 30 million pounds of LNO food-grade resin per year. This new resin product can be used by many different industries, allowing a green solution for any application- from pharmaceutical packaging to the food service industry. In 2011, Marglen continues its focus on the cutting edge by the installation of a 476 panel solar array, allowing Marglen Industries to produce enough green energy to power approximately 4.7 average US homes.

Women's Business Enterprise National Council - Member Since 2011
National Association for PET Container Resources - Member Since 2009
The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers - Member Since 1995
Georgia Traditional Manufacturers Association - Member Since 2006
Marglen at a Glance

- 57.44 Acres
- Two buildings
- 554,290 Square feet
- Over 200 employees
- 90 Million pounds of PET
- 30 Million pounds of LNO
- 2,599,617,600 bottles per year
- 476 Solar Panels

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